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Animation with Alastair Nisbet
Storytelling through animation is great fun - and helps young people develop a broad range of skills - from literacy to art and drama, computer skills to critical and cultural appreciation.

We work in schools, arts organisations and youth centres across Dorset with young people from seven to 17, creating short animated films using stop frame techniques.

If you would like to know more about our animation workshops and residencies, please email us using the form on the Contact us page - or the link below.

I'm now part of a new group called
ScreenPLAY and won't be actively updating this site.
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Running Blind - the making of
This documentary showing our latest project in the making gives an idea of what's involved. Six of us worked on the month-long project, developing the story, producing the drawings, creating the drama, filming live action, creating the soundtrack and editing the final film.
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Running Blind
Disabled and able-bodied children have made their own animated film to celebrate a year of Paralympic activities in their school. Inspired by blind footballer David Clark pupils at Prince of Wales First School have created Running Blind featuring the Paralympics GB training camp at Maiden Castle. Lottery funded by the BFI’s First Light Initiative. Selected for screening at the Co-operative Film Festival, Manchester in November 2012.
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The Helpful Dead
A grieving mother, an Olympic sailor in trouble and a drowning boy who becomes a legend - the Helpful Dead, by children at Wyke Regis Junior School is the story of a tall ship sunk off Dead Man’s Cove, Portland and a dramatic link with the 2012 sailing events. Lottery funded by the BFI’s First Light Initiative. Selected for screening at the Co-operative Film Festival, Manchester in November 2012.
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The Portland Race
When Olympic yachts fill Portland harbour there’s only one thing a fisherman and his son can do - go fishing at night. But all is not as peaceful as it seems when they row out on their moonlit adventure in this film by Year Four children at Underhill Junior School. Lottery funded by the BFI’s First Light Initiative.
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The Big Splash !
A stolen Olympic torch, a naughty seagull, and four friends determined not to give up. When the torch is dramatically stolen, the friends make a big splash as they try to get it back in this film by Year Five children at St John’s CE Primary School, Weymouth. Lottery funded by the BFI’s First Light Initiative.
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Splash !
The race is on to save a drowning man at sea. Who will get there first - the lifeboat, a circling killer shark - or the curious continental lifeguard ? A 2D animated film by students at Milton Abbey School in Dorset during their June 2011 Art Week.
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The Sadness of King George
One man can save Olympic sailing at Weymouth from disaster...but he's been dead for 200 years. George 3rd leads an epic race through time to save the day in this drama by children at Beechcroft Primary School in Weymouth, supported by the National Lottery through the UK Film Council's First Light initiative. Screened at the Co-operative Film Festival October 2011 and Animated Exeter in February 2012.
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Perseus and Medusa
Perseus must kill the Medusa to save his mother from the evil King. But one glance from the snake-haired creature will turn him to stone...Animation by children at a two day workshop at Dorchester ARTS, February 2011. Selected for screening at Animated Exeter in February 2012.
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The Willow Pattern Story
A beautiful princess… an evil suitor, and the hapless palace guard - they all feature in this re-telling of the centuries-old story of the Willow Pattern.
Produced by a group of children at a two day animation workshop at Dorchester Arts.
Sometimes we will adapt a story which has been used in literacy or drama - other times we will workshop ideas with the students who develop their own storyline and script. We bring all our own equipment and depending on the length of the project and budget, bring in visiting artists and musicians.
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Mr Scribbles and
the Magic Pumpkin
Mr Scribbles was in a mess - his house was a tip and his garden all dead. Then his neighbour Mrs Egg found a magic pumpkin....
A short film by a group of children at a two day workshop at Dorchester Arts.
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The School at the bottom of Gold Hill
Two former pupils from the past travel in time to visit Abbey Primary School in Shaftesbury today. This film, made by members of the school council, was inspired by an old register dating back to 1912.
We'll learn about walk cycle and dialogue animation and look at some classic animation clips. The children film each other speaking the parts, and then make their animated characters' mouths move the same way using rotoscoping techniques developed by cartoon film studios in the 1950s.
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Alex in Wonderland
Alex falls down a curious hole in the floor - and meets some interesting characters on his way to the show.
Animation by a group of children aged 8-11 at a two day workshop at Bridport Arts Centre.
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Lord Milton's day out
Lord Milton, the 1st Earl of Dorchester Joseph Damer, the wealthy landowner who reshaped Milton Abbey and created the village of Milton Abbas and his wife Lady Caroline are transported to the 21st century for a "wonderful concert" in this film made with fifth form students at Milton Abbey School......
Viewing this site in school may not be possible as school internet providers have started filtering Vimeo which is where the clips are streamed from. If you can't see the videos, please try again at home!
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The Firebird
Something's happening in the Tsar's orchard - Golden apples are disappearing from his special tree...The Firebird was our first animation in 2008 with Year 3 children at Manor Park First School, Dorchester during art week. It was inspired by a performance of the Firebird by Multi Story Theatre.
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Dance of the snowmen
Made by a group of 7-13 year old children during a two day workshop at Dorchester Arts in February 2009 with additional support from actor and youth theatre organiser Bianca Judd. Screened on the BBC Big Screens, Christmas 2010 and 2012.
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The Skeleton Dance
A film for halloween by a group of 7-11 year old children at Dorchester Arts.
They choreographed the dance with Bianca Judd, then made their skeletons dance the same way.
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Come to a special place - where Candy grows on trees and where a Vimto river flows into a Vimto lake - Candyland! GCSE students at Milton Abbey School brought this world to life with brightly coloured flowers swaying in the breeze, deer leaping across the grass - and a new superhero - the Candyland man.